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Financial Secretary: Chris Hankins

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   INSIDE                                   Effective January 1, 2013
IBEW Local 309 Referral Policy    

Job Line: 618-345-5112 ext. 218
5:00 pm. To 7:00 am. M-F and through the weekend.
In strict adherence to the referral language as contained in the Local 309 Agreements, IBEW Local 309 will refer the first qualified candidate from the Out-of-Work list of the highest group for referral to any signatory employer seeking employees.

Calls for manpower will be recorded daily and placed on the job referral line at approximately 5:00 pm. A description of the job call with as much information as possible will be given. When there are no requests for manpower, the messages will state such.

At the conclusion of the recorded job information, all registrants who wish to accept a job will be required to give his/her: Name, Original Sign Date and Card Number. At approximately 7:00 am. the following morning, the job recording will be turned off. Respondents will be ranked according to referral position. The respondents with the highest referral position will be notified as promptly as possible as to the issuance of a referral. Messages will not be left on answering machines. You must answer the telephone in person.

Any registrant who turns down three (3) jobs or rejected for employment three (3) times will be removed from the Out-of-Work list and must re-register in person.  A “turndown” is any time a job is filled by someone who is below you on the Out-of-Work list.

An applicant barred from either employer or customer will receive a turn down if the job is filled by another applicant who is below you on the Out -of-Work list.

Any referral applicant recording a job preference who subsequently declines the job will be removed from the out-of-work register and must re-register in person.

It is the registrant’s responsibility to keep track of your position and number of turndowns.

Anyone, through no fault of his/her own receiving less than fifteen (15) calendar days of employment will assume his/her previous position on the Out-of-Work list. The provision includes those employees that are refused for employment by the contractor. This provision does not apply to members who quit within two (2) week time period, unless permission is granted by the Business Manager. Upon completion of two “short-hits” the registrant will no longer be offered “short-hits” and shall not be charged with refusing such calls while he/she remains on the Out-of-Work list.

Any employee discharged  for cause twice in a (12) twelve month period will, prior to registering on the out-of-work list, appear before the Appeals Committee to determine his/her continued eligibility for referral.

Customer Emergency – Local 309 Reserves the right to call applicants - not subject to penalty.

Requirements for Working in IBEW Local 309

  • Drug Testing. Pre Employment and random
  • I-9 Information - Forms of Identification which prove identity and employment eligibility. A passport proves both license or state ID identity. A social security card or birth certification proves employment eligibility.
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