Collinsville, IL
Business Manager and
Financial Secretary: Tim Evans

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Merchandise for sale 

Laser Wood Plaque $7.00

 Black & Silver sticker $2.00                                                     State of IL Lapel Pin $5.50 

 Lineman (outside of window) sticker $2.00                     IBEW Logo (Outside of window) Sm $.10 Med $.25 Large $.50

Cloth Emblem $5.00                                                               Hitch Cover $7.50

Travel Mug $5.00                                                                  Clear Coffee Mug $5.00

No Dogs (engraved) $16.00                                                  Ugly's Book $16.00 Beanie sock Hats Black, Yellow, Navy $7.00                     

                                          Fluke Meter $100.00

IBEW Local 309 Long sleeve Navy $20.00 (Front)                IBEW Local 309 Long sleeve Navy $20.00 (Back)

No "57" Yellow Shirt $10.00 (Front)                                       No "57" Yellow Shirt $10.00 (Back)

Navy Telecommunications $15.00 (Front)                             Navy Telecommunications $15.00 (Back)

Lineman Black Shirt $14.00 (Front)                                       Lineman Black Shirt $14.00 (Back)

Lime Green w/IBEW Bug $20.00 (Front)                                Lime Green w/IBEW Bug $20.00 (Back)

Green Tree Trimmer $14.00 (Front)                                      Electrical Workers Gray/Yellow $20.00 (Front)

Navy with IBEW Bug $20.00 (Front)                                        Navy with IBEW Bug $20.00 (Back)

Local 309 Black with Flames $20.00 (Front)                          Local 309 Black with Flames $20.00 (Back)

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