Collinsville, IL
Business Manager and
Financial Secretary: Chris Hankins

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Inside Construction
A & H Mechanical 618-874-5588  
A-Age 618-234-4336
Alert Electric 618-644-9333  
All Purpose Erectors 618-537-7777  
Alternating RJ Electric 618-696-9234  
Barton Electric 618-654-6626
Bel-Clair Electric 618-539-5200  
Electrico Inc. 618-538-9500  
Gilbert Electric 618-458-7235  
Glaenzer Electric 618-277-2500
Guarantee Electric 618-452-6122
Jarvis Electric, Inc. 618-806-0217
J. F. Electric 618-797-5353
Laughlin Electric 217-246-4113  
Lil Rock Electric 618-556-8383  
Litteken Electric, Inc. 618-228-7144  
Lowry Electric 618-343-4200  
M.A.C. Electric 618-632-6672  
May Electric 618-954-9956  
MC Electric 618-282-7788
MEI Electric, Inc. 618-789-2381
North County Electric 618-282-2749
O'Fallon Electric 618-632-3577
Pfeffer's Electric 618-588-4593  
Pyramid Electric 618-632-1180
Sachs Electric 618-655-0627
Sutterfield Electric 618-655-9406  
Tucker Electric 618-398-3676
Wissehr Electric 618-398-7575
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